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What is the Silent Auction ?

The Silent Auction is intended to achieve the activities of the Fondation des transporteurs par autobus; a non-profit corporation whose mission is to assist disadvantaged children at school and support all activities helping schoolchildren improve their level of knowledge and performance.

Become a donor

Bienvenue Québec Sellers are invited to donate a product or service from their business. 

Thank you for filling this form by August 30 to donate to the Bienvenue Québec 2019 Auction. Please note that Bienvenue Québec reserves the right to turn down inappropriate donations. To make more than one donation, please fill this form as many times as there are donations.

Donor benefits

  • Visibility of your business within the tourism industry
  • Providing the experience given by your product/service to a potential client

Opening auction

The star donations will be available on the auction platform from October 7, 2019. 
The other donation of the auction will be available on the platform during one of the three days of Bienvenue Québec.

  • Auction Website Platform (to come)


The 2019 Edition of the auction is a presentation of:

For more information:

Julie Blanchet  
418 476-8181 ext. 216